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music composer & sound designer

More work

Commercial - Vins Luxembourg (2020) 

Original music, Mix

In collaboration with TIJO Studio

Resident Evil 3 - Opening Remake (2020) 

Music, Voice Editing, Mix

In collaboration with Gaëtan Jeanson

Podcasts, recorded via mic phone (2020)

Cleaning, Editing, Mix

In collaboration with MORSE and cegid

Oui SNCF - Oculus VR Experience (2019)

Original music, Sound Design, Voice Design, Mix, Implementation

In collaboration with Bubble VR

Tolt - Don't Go to Canada (2018)

Sound Design, Mix

In collaboration with Tolt

Isart Digital - Cinema Week (2018)

Audio Direction, Music, Sound Design

Mix, Mastering

Hubert & Takako Re-Sound Designed (2018)

Sound Design

Audi Advertising Re-Sound Designed (2017)

Sound Design, Mix