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music composer & sound designer

Video Games

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Check out the first video game

of the indie game studio I co-founded!


Overhaul - Bread Panda


Project F4E - BetaDwarf


A strategy game based on Norse mythology in which you control
a clan of Vikings vying for the control of a mysterious newfound continent.

Sound Designer, occasional music composer, Mix

Northgard - Shiro Games


A 2-D hack-and-slash/platformer featuring skill-based combat that rewards players who master it. The game features a rich dark fantasy story set in a beautifully realized world marred by desperation and despair

Sound Designer, Mix

Moonscars - Black Mermaid


A cute farming simulator hybrid clicker.

Sound Designer

Farmtale - Titanforged Entertainment


A frenetic VR rhythm game!
Project canceled

Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Direction, Mix, Implementation
Genre: EDM, World

Bongo Fever - Bubble Studio


Skelittle: A Giant Party!! - Bubble Studio

Crazy colorful party game on Switch
Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Direction, Mix, Implementation
Genre: Pop Jazz, Fusion, Rock


Botaki - Studio Mahou

Playful game to reconnect children to Nature
Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Direction, Mix, Implementation
Genre: World, Folk



Experimental tactical game to defeat evil forces
Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Direction, Mix, Implementation
Genre: Electro-dark-rock-ish


Black Blood

Mad Max inspired post apo hectic car race
Composer, Sound Designer, Mix
Genre: Metal, Industrial


Check out the creations
of the cinema association I co-created!




My Father

An adolescent girl fears that her father is going to kill her.

Sound Designer, Audio Mix
Genre: Suspense


Off the Menu

When a perfectionist chef who works on death row can’t satisfy a new inmate, he hurries to make her another “last meal” before her execution.
Sound Designer, Audio Mix


Sacrées Nonnes

A short animated movie about two eccentric nuns trying to head their life the best they can... but nothing's going well.

Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Direction, Mix
Genre: Film Score, Big Band Jazz, Electro Swing


La Toile du Manoir

Eight people find themselves stuck together in a manor house. The resulting chaos awakens the murderous instincts of one of the residents, and, unluckily, they are unlikely to be satisfied with a single victim.

Genre: Film Score, Horror, Suspense

More work

Advertisement, corporate

Vodafone Deutschland (2021)

Original Music, Sound Design, Mix

In collaboration with TIJO Studio

Commercial - Vins Luxembourg (2020) 

Original music, Mix

In collaboration with TIJO Studio

Disclaimer: I do not support anything related to blockchain technology.

I accepted this project only because the money from the auction was given

to charity, "The UN Refugee Agency"

Audi Advertising Re-Sound Designed (2017)

Sound Design, Mix

Corporate - Allianz (2016) 

Sound Design, Assistant



Podcast Danone SpanishQuentin Malapel - Fabernovel
00:00 / 09:46

Podcast, recorded via mic phone (2021)

Cleaning, Editing, Mix (in Spanish)

In collaboration with Fabernovel for Danone

Podcasts, recorded via mic phone (2020)

Cleaning, Editing, Mix

In collaboration with MORSE and cegid

VR Experience

Oui SNCF - Oculus VR Experience (2019)

Original music, Sound Design, Voice Design, Mix, Implementation

In collaboration with Bubble VR

Other audiovisual project

Resident Evil 3 - Opening Remake (2020) 

Music, Voice Editing, Mix

In collaboration with Gaëtan Jeanson

Tolt - Don't Go to Canada (2018)

Sound Design, Mix

In collaboration with Tolt

Isart Digital - Cinema Week (2018)

Audio Direction, Music, Sound Design

Mix, Mastering

Hubert & Takako Re-Sound Designed (2018)

Sound Design

Random music